Hiking, walking trails

You can walk along a vast net of tracks, sidewalks, paths and ways, and enjoy an environment with a great ecological value.

We can also put you in contact with nature guides, who are specialists in this zone and who let you to discover flora and fauna, history, and the richness of the environment.
Biking, bicycle routes

We suggest you several routes to bike: these routes allows you to discover architectural values around Segovia; to know the villages and their romanesque churches or squares, or even to enjoy all the natural beauty of this areas.

Canoeing on Duraton river

An unforgettable activity. You must enjoy the beauty of the river and its sickles from a canoe. We seriously recommend this activity to you: all our clients who have made a canoe route along the Duraton river, were completely satisfied. To be an activity for all the family is the best of canoeing.
Wine tasting

"Wine and rose wines must be served at a lower temperature than the red ones, and you have to keep the bottle in a bucket with cold water and some ice cubes, to avoid the wine increases its temperature..."

This activity could be celebrated at the houses. A specialist called sommelier imparts this course of wine tasting. But you can also choose between beer tasting and olive oil tasting.
Ornithological routes

El Rinconcillo de Torreiglesias is a tourism rural house which is signed to the TRINO Proyect (Rural Tourism of Nature and Ornithology).

For those of our clients who have never watched birds, we propose an activity to identify birds along the valleys of the Viejo and Piron rivers, and even in the same village of Torreiglesias. You can use our guide with the pictures of the most common birds: griffon vulture, nuthatch, white stork, imperial eagle, red kite ...
Adventure parks

The adventure parks are active tourism activities for all kind of public. They are located in the forest, and they mix perfectly nature and emotion.

You can play games like gateways between the trees, nets, tibetan bridges, Tarzan jumps... You will go from one tree canopy to another, always trying to keep your balance and testing your agility.

In Sanchonuño - In Navafría
Riding routes

You can ride along the province of Segovia over a noble horse, and if you want, with the company of a qualified guide.
Barbecues and roast meat

If you are going to stay at our houses, what do you think about to make a barbecue? Or to eat roast meat? You can order what you want to the butcher and then take it to roast. Don´t worry, we will help you to do it.

You have also the option to order food and take it away to the house.

And, of course, if you want more information about the restaurants close to the house, just ask it to us.